Datacenter & Network

Where, how, and what your apps are hosted on?


CONE datacenters provide comprehensive redundancy in electrical power, Heating and air conditioning (HVAC), fire suppression (FM-200), double electrical power plants, UPS battery power and diesel-powered generators.

Two major Data Centers placed on the fourth ground at 707 Wilshire Blvd. downtown Los Angeles, This place makes it feasible for us to link any backbone service provider and range our internet links to satisfy client’s requirements.

Datacenters are regularly monitored by means of video security cameras and around the clock on-site security employees. Entrance to the 4th floor Datacenters, elevators are controlled by means of HID contact-less accessibility management system. Video recordings are kept in secure area at Datacenter 3, two miles eastern side of this location


True 2(N+1) Desarchitecture. Electrical power is supplied through two active feeds via two electrical power lines which are linked to an independent and separate Diesel Generators and lastly backed up by two redundant UPS systems.


Backed by a redundant collection of eleven HVAC systems which are operated by a robotic computer software. A single set of the HVAC systems (Primary Set) uses creating cooled water and the next set (Secondary Set) uses devoted coolers which are on the side of the building.


The location makes use of diverse channel routes to several other service provider buildings in downtown Los Angeles. Bare minimum of 192 lines of dark fiber among each linked building and divergent path to numerous carrier buildings guarantees unsurpassed network stability and reliability at this position.


Engineered from the bottom up to provide the high-availability requirements of our clients. Redundant divergent routeed Fiber-Optic links to service providers and peers with over 200 multiple tier 1 transit providres, the routes are analyzed and optimized to meet client latency and jitter requirements. Quadcone connects directly with large and small ISP’s around the globe including Japan telecom, Singtel, China telecom, China Unicom, Nordunet, PacNet, Etisalat, Hutchison, Google, Amazon over 200 in total. and features such as

  • Customized routing policies per customer
  • BGP4 best path routing
  • Multi layer network design
  • Service provider fault-tolerance
  • Automatic detection and re-routing